Disable the Spaces Animation in macOS Sierra

Disable the spaces animation in macos sierra

I use Spaces in macOS a lot, however, repeatedly moving between spaces makes me feel a bit nauseous. The motion is probably exaggerated because I use an UltraWide Monitor1.

I’ve been meaning to look into finding a way to disable it for some time - but was hesitant, as I was sure it’d involve messing around with Terminal.

A quick Google search revealed a potential solution from osxdaily.com2, it required opening up Terminal (as expected) but unfortunately this solution no longer works in macOS Sierra.

A few more searches led me to a post on StackExchange3. I found out there’s a toggle to ‘Reduce motion’ in System Preferences.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Select the fourth option - Display
  4. Check ‘Reduce Motion’

The ‘Reduce motion’ feature replaces the annoying sliding animation when switching between Spaces with a much more appealing fade. A nice tweak to macOS.

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