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Optimise for mobile traffic to gain a competitive edge.

Our smartphones allow us to jump between apps effortlessly, tapping and swiping our way forward. We expect websites to work just as seamlessly.

That’s why it’s so jarring when we hit a site that doesn’t load fast or is difficult to use. Instead of being useful, slow, clunky websites only encourage mobile visitors to backtrack - quickly.

Three benefits of a mobile-ready website

  • Improved user experience

  • Faster load speed

  • Reduced bounce rate

A competitive advantage

A frustrating smartphone experience reflects poorly on your business and will push many visitors away. It’s simple, if you optimise for mobile traffic, you’ll gain a competitive edge over those that don’t.

Let the numbers guide you

If you’re using Google Analytics, it’s possible to check what percentage of visitors are smartphone users. If enough traffic is coming from mobile sources, it’d be worthwhile improving your site.

Is there room for improvement?

Every business should have the help it needs to succeed on the web. Together, we can make it happen. Get in touch to schedule a free 15-minute site enhancing consultation.

  • Posted: 12th May, 2017
  • in News