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About D3 Creative

D3 Creative partners with in-house marketing departments to transform B2B websites into dynamic, results-driven platforms. We don't just aim for aesthetic upgrades; we focus on delivering measurable improvements to your online presence.

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Meet Stephen Meehan: Web Designer and Front-End Developer

Hello, I'm Stephen Meehan, a UK-based Web Designer and Front-End Developer with a dedicated approach to crafting user-friendly, standards-compliant, and accessible websites.

My expertise lies in offering website redesign services tailored to the unique needs of large corporations. By working closely with your in-house marketing team, I ensure your online presence is not just modernised but optimised to meet and exceed your business objectives.

Strategically Located in Stockport


D3 Creative is headquartered in the Stockport Business & Innovation Centre, just a short train ride away from Manchester's vibrant city centre. Since establishing D3 Creative in 2015, I've devoted myself to designing and developing impactful websites. With years of industry experience under my belt, I bring a multifaceted skill set and in-depth expertise to every project.

A Proven Approach to Website Redesign

I've developed a streamlined, four-step process that serves as a blueprint for successful website redesigns. This methodical approach is designed to address the complexities of overhauling large, legacy-style websites.

Each phase is meticulously planned to lay the groundwork for the subsequent steps, ensuring a cohesive and effective redesign experience. The result? A revitalised website that not only looks great but performs exceptionally well.

What's next?

Ready to transform your B2B website into a results-driven platform? Don't settle for just 'better'—aim for measurably better with D3 Creative. Fill out our contact form today and let's start crafting your website's future success!

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Get a measurably better website

Your online presence matters, increase engagement, lower bounce rates, and improve conversions.

Our Redesign Process