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Learn how to manage your website like a pro

Effortlessly publish and edit website content in-house, and unlock the full potential of your CMS with bite-sized training videos.

Screenshot of a Content Management System (CMS) publish button.

There is a better way

Installing a Content Management System (CMS) is supposed to make it easy to manage a website in-house. However, learning to use the CMS and updating content often falls to one person, or the job is outsourced.

Stop fighting with your CMS

Lack of shared knowledge creates productivity bottlenecks and wastes valuable time and resources. Instead of updating the blog, you're wrestling with the CMS. Rather than promoting your latest service, you're waiting patiently for your supplier to fit you into their schedule.

Increase productivity

With a little training, website management can be a shared responsibility instead of a burden. A CMS should save businesses money and time and empower teams to take ownership of the company website.

Unlock your website

With our bite-sized videos, you can easily teach your team how to use the CMS to its full potential and maximise your investment. Whether you're new to the CMS or need a refresher, our expert training will give you the tools you need to manage your website effortlessly.

How does it work?

List all the tasks you'd like to document and talk to your team. Each item on the list could be a short video. The key is to keep the guides short and sweet. We want to build a resource library people will watch and find helpful.

Once you have your list, book a call, and we will discuss your requirements. Have your list to hand.

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