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Expert Planning Makes a Winning Website

Our website planner service combines in-depth research and analysis with targeted audits. Make informed decisions based on actionable data, and get what you need to plan your next website with confidence.

Close up of a hand making notes on a site plan.

Audit Everything

A key element of our website planner service is a range of comprehensive audits of your existing website. Your website is a rich source of valuable insights. We meticulously analyse this data to guide and shape the direction of your website redesign, ensuring decisions are informed by real-world data.

Your website will undergo a comprehensive suite of audits, including a Technical SEO Audit, Performance Audit, Content Audit, Accessibility Audit, and Cookie Audit, ensuring thorough evaluation and optimisation.

Get a Measurably Better Website

Additionally, the audits perform a crucial secondary function: they establish a benchmark against which we can measure the success of your new website. This ensures not only improvement but quantifiable progress in your website's evolution.

Search Engine Visibility

A website redesign is an opportunity to streamline an old website that may contain many pages that receive little or no traffic.

Understanding which of your pages are indexed by Google and identifying the top performers based on clicks and impressions is crucial for shaping your new website.

The search engine visibility audit is used to make sure we preserve high-traffic webpages and ensure we continue to use the keywords visitors are already using to find your website.

Keyword Research

We'll leverage the insights from our search engine visibility audit to establish seed keywords, essential for uncovering additional, high-potential keywords currently missing from your website. These new keywords are opportunities to attract more traffic.

Additionally, our analysis of the keywords your competitors rank for, combined with understanding your website's current keyword performance, will give you what you need to to craft more targeted content.

This dual approach not only gives you a competitive edge but also guides you in making informed decisions that enhance your website's visibility and drive increased traffic.

Visual sitemap

Sitemap screenshot. An example of a visual sitemap An example of a visual sitemap

We'll develop a visual sitemap to illustrate the proposed structure of your new website. Crafted from the insights we've gathered, this sitemap will act as a detailed blueprint, guiding the construction of your website's new architecture.

A visual sitemap is an invaluable asset, serving as a clear, graphical representation of your new website's structure. It's an essential tool for communicating the vision and layout of the website to stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned with the proposed design and functionality.

Let's plan a user-friendly website

At the conclusion of our website planning process, we'll provide you with a detailed digital report of our findings, delivered through a Microsoft Teams presentation to you and your team.

This session offers the perfect opportunity for any questions you might have, ensuring you're fully informed and confident in the next steps. Our website planning service is the initial phase of a four-step website redesign process.

While it stands alone as a comprehensive offering, we often find that clients choose to continue their journey with D3 Creative, progressing to the subsequent step of website wireframing.

It's just the beginning

At D3 Creative, we recognise the fundamental importance of strategic website planning as the key to online success. Our commitment lies in leveraging this strategy to align your website with your business goals and the expectations of your customers.

Through our dedication to planning, in-depth audits, and actionable insights, we aim to elevate your website into a compelling, high-performance platform. This approach not only captivates your audience but also enhances lead conversion, propelling your business to new heights of digital excellence.

Elevate your website planning process

Let our expertise and experience ensure your website becomes a strategic asset that drives growth and success. Contact D3 Creative today to discuss your website planning needs and start the journey towards exceptional results.

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