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Don't just plan your website. Perfect it.

Get what you need to plan a successful website redesign and get buy-in from key decision makers and stakeholders.

Close up of a hand making notes on a site plan.

Get stakeholders onboard

Our website planning service can guide you in defining your requirements and creating a comprehensive document outlining the need for a new website and the steps required to bring it to fruition.

Through our website planning process, we will identify your business goals, establish success metrics, address visitor requirements, establish key performance indicators, and secure leadership support, among other crucial steps.

Problem Analysis

We'll start by discussing pain points and bottlenecks with your current website. How easy is it to manage? Do you or your team have a wish list of things you'd like your website to do? What is the website's purpose, and what does a successful redesign look like?

Together we'll prioritise solutions based on your resources budget. It's essential to take the time to understand why we need to redesign a website and what your business hopes to achieve from doing so.

Website Audit

The next part of the website planning process is to audit your website. We will use your website to set a range of benchmarks. Audits reveal valuable information about your website's health and allow us to measure the effectiveness of any technical improvements we make.

Website Structure

Based on our problem analysis and website audit results, we'll help you redesign your website's structure to make it more user-friendly and ensure it's optimised for search engines.

We will build a visual site map that clearly shows an improved website structure and the required content types for each page. A sitemap is a valuable document used to collect feedback from project stakeholders early in the process.

Competitor Research

You may be surprised to learn who your online competitors are. Stay ahead of the competition by understanding what they are doing. We'll analyse your top competitors and provide insights into their strategies.

We can learn much about customer expectations by researching leading players in the same industry or sector, uncovering the type of content and functionality customers expect and understanding how your competition nurtures browsers into buyers.

Let us help you plan for success

The key to a successful website is to understand your customers needs and provide what they value with the least friction possible. By taking the time to formalise your requirements and learn about your business we can develop a custom website redesign plan.

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