Minimalist Design: Why It's the Web Design Trend to Watch

White row boat floating in water.

Image credit: @osmanrana

Despite sometimes feeling like a new trend, minimalist design has been around for a long time — but it’s only in recent years that it has been widely embraced as a standard design choice for big brands. It is especially popular with web design right now, and this is one trend that is not going away for a while to come.

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Building an Online Empire: The Importance of Being Mobile-Friendly

It’s no revelation that the average smartphone owner uses their device for more than texts and calls. From ordering food, buying clothes, checking the stock market, and hailing taxis — it seems there isn’t anything our six inch wonders can’t do.

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Disable the Spaces Animation in macOS Sierra

Disable the spaces animation in macos sierra

Spaces in macOS Sierra is a great feature, but the horizontal scrolling animation is a bit off putting when used regularly. This post explains how to turn it off, without needing to open Terminal.

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Improving employee feedback with a bespoke micro website

Photo montage of a man holding a smartphone

The Manchester-based main contractor, Russells Construction wanted a mobile-friendly website to gather information from employees and contractors on location about site safety.

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Optimise for mobile traffic to gain a competitive edge.

Duotone photo montage

Our smartphones allow us to jump between tasks effortlessly, tapping and swiping our way forward. We now expect everything - including websites - to work just as seamlessly.

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