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Improving employee feedback with a bespoke micro website

The Manchester-based main contractor, Russells Construction wanted a mobile-friendly website to gather information from employees and contractors on location about site safety.

The solution

Page load speed was a major consideration as the website would primarily be used on building sites, fast mobile internet connection couldn’t be guaranteed. Feedback is collected via a multi-step form. The form is split into four bite-sized sections to encourage users to complete and submit comments.

Prototype first

Even on a small project like this, it was beneficial to create an interactive wireframe. The wireframe was presented to the Russells Construction team; it allowed everyone to experience the website before a line of code was written.

Valuable feedback

Everyone involved in the project was sent a private preview link via email. As shown in the video above, comments are added directly to the prototype, this makes it easy to discuss and implement feedback.

Content managed

Russells Construction operates multiple construction sites and required a way to manage the locations listed on the website in-house. I integrated a Content Management System (CMS) that allows them to do just that.

I also provided step-by-step guides explaining how to use the CMS. Now, anyone within the company can edit and update the website - not just the IT department.

A forward-thinking company

Russells Construction has successfully modernised the way they collect site safety feedback. When the form is submitted, an email is sent directly to the site manager. The process is paperless and reported safety issues can be resolved quickly.