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How often do companies redesign their websites?

Trying to answer this question is a bit like asking how often should you move house, change your car, replace your bike or buy a new pair of shoes. The short answer is you will know when the time is right.

A redesign usually happens because the current website no longer provides enough value to the business. For example, does it generate quality leads? Could the site be so old that it's an a hassle (or impossible) to update, or could the design repel customers, causing them to return to search engines and forget your website forever?

A mixture of internal and external factors drives the decision to redesign a website. Generally, the more competitive the market, the quicker a website redesign will be carried out.

The key is to adequately maintain and monitor your website, build website management into your annual budget. Doing so will ensure a website will last much longer and will continue to be a valuable business asset for quite some time.

  • Posted: 18th April, 2022