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Custom web design can improve engagement, visual appeal and perhaps most importantly influence trust.

Custom web design for Stockport

A custom design gives you the opportunity to look and feel like your brand online. An engaging website is still one of the best ways to differentiate your business from the competition and get noticed.

Website design and prototype service

Website visitors expect a seamless experience across devices, effective screen design needs to deliver concise, relevant content with as few clicks and as little scrolling as possible.

  • Mobile-first design: Key page templates focus on visual design and user experience for smartphone and desktop.

  • Interactive prototypes: Teammates and stakeholders experience the design before a single line of code is written.

  • Streamlined feedback: Provide valuable feedback via a private URL, instead of getting lost in email threads.

People make snap judgements

We form opinions about a website within 50 milliseconds [1]. To put that into perspective, it takes about 100-400 milliseconds for the human eye to blink [2]. That first impression will determine if a user stays or leaves your website. Design matters.

Let’s design your next website together.

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