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Disable the Spaces Animation in macOS Sierra

Disable the spaces animation in macos sierra

Spaces in macOS Sierra is a great feature, but the horizontal scrolling animation is a bit off putting when used regularly. This post explains how to turn it off, without needing to open Terminal.

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Improving employee feedback with a bespoke micro website

Photo montage of a man holding a smartphone

The Manchester-based main contractor, Russells Construction wanted a mobile-friendly website to gather information from employees and contractors on location about site safety.

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Optimise for mobile traffic to gain a competitive edge.

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Our smartphones allow us to jump between tasks effortlessly, tapping and swiping our way forward. We now expect everything - including websites - to work just as seamlessly.

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Delight mobile and desktop visitors with a speedy site to increase engagement

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Page speed matters, but it often takes a back seat to visual design. A beautiful looking website is almost useless if impatient visitors jump ship before it loads.

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A great website combines visual design, technology and user experience

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When we talk about website design, the conversation naturally leans towards how something might ‘look’. However, the term ‘design’ covers much more. The most successful websites consider the content and user experience first.

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